★ 'SOUL MAPS MAGIC' one-off Private Session ★ - Explore how APPLY and EMBODY all the insights from your Human Design / natal Astrology / Enneagram / psychic readings etc.

Intuitive Development: 1:1 Mentoring Sesssions

One-to-one Mentoring sesssions for Intuitive Development.

✩ 5 Sessions (60-75 mins) via Zoom, date/times to be agreed.
✩ Guides & Resources (PDF/audio) where needed
✩ Personalised guidance, healing and energy work
✩ Deepening your connection and abilities
✩ Creating a consistent practice, at your pace

Many people are seeking guidance and clarity in opening up more of their intuitive abilities, to harness these in their life and work.

The collective energies are pushing us to expand and evolve. To bring through more of our Soul gifts on Earth at this time.

There can be a mix of excitement and trepidation, as you remember and embody more of your true power, magic and light.

It's important to get the foundations right, and to make sure you're working in the energy and alignment that's meant for you.

If you’re ready to expand and develop your gifts, in your own unique way, at your own pace, I’m here to guide and support you with 1-1 mentoring.

Together we can work on any areas you choose to focus on, including:

★ Developing and practicing your intuitive abilities

★ Connecting with guides, allies, elementals

★ Grounding and clearing your energy

★ Healing and balancing your chakras

★ Connecting more deeply to your unique essence and Soul energy

★ Integrating your abilities and intuition in daily life and work.

Payment options:

€750 in 3 monthly payments of €250

€700 pay in full (save €50)

2 Modules

To Book Your 1:1 sessions

Please email me directly at delphine@embodymytruth.com to arrange your first session, where we will agree subsequent dates together.

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Payment Options

 5 Sessions (PIF & save €50)
 700.00 EUR
 5 Sessions (3 monthly payments)
 250.00 EUR  ( then 250.00 EUR for 2 months )

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Please read carefully this Contract, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy


The service to be provided by Delphine O'Keeffe is one-to-one mentoring, delivered via video-conferencing (Zoom), as agreed jointly with myself as client.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long. Exact dates will be agreed mutually between myself and Delphine in advance, with any absences (e.g. holiday breaks) clearly communicated and agreed in advance also.

I commit to start and finish each session on time, meeting on Zoom at the agreed, scheduled appointment time.

All information about the coach/client relationship, and all personal information about me communicated to Delphine, will remain strictly confidential, except where specifically required by law.

Notice & Cancellations:

If I am more than 15 minutes late for a session without giving prior notice in accordance with this Contract, Delphine will treat the session as cancelled and it will be forfeited, except in exceptional circumstances.

I agree to give minimum three days, i.e. 72 hours, notice, if I need to cancel or reschedule a session, and preferably as long in advance as possible. Delphine will make every effort to re-schedule sessions that are cancelled by me with notice, in a timely manner. Should Delphine need to reschedule, she will strive to give me as client at least 72 hours’ notice, barring an emergency, or exceptional circumstances.

Limitation of Liability

I recognise that this mentoring process is intended to support and enhance my personal development, and that it does not replace medical or mental health supports. 

I take full responsibility for accessing any additional supports that may be necessary at any point, including medical or mental health supports, such as counselling / psychotherapy, or other psychological, emotional or physical care, should anything arise requiring professional assistance.

I recognise that this mentoring process is for guidance purposes only, and it is my responsibility to take whatever actions are necessary, to achieve any desired results.

I agree that Delphine is not and will not be liable for any actions or inaction taken by me as a result of or in connection with, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by her (including, but not limited to financial, personal and employment matters). In no event will Delphine O’Keeffe / Embody My Truth be liable to me for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or losses of any kind in connection with this agreement.

All our dealings in every matter are subject to the laws of Ireland, and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts

I confirm that I have read in full and agree to the above Contract.

I confirm that I have also read in full and agree to:

~ The Terms of Service

~ The Privacy Policy

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