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My offerings are designed to support you in knowing yourself deeply, accessing your inner wisdom, and alchemising any self-doubt into sovereignty and self-belief. 

So you can shape your life in a way that reflects your true nature and desires. And enjoy the freedom of expressing your unique essence and magic, in all aspects of your life. 

I wish you much joy and fulfilment, in embodying who you really are and fulfilling your potential - be it in your work, your relationships, your collaborations or creations.  



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WORTHY: move from self-doubt into value and wholeness, by disarming your inner critic

This self-study course offers a powerful, reusable map, to guide you through a process of healing and integrating your inner critic - a core personality structure that we all have.  

It will help you clarify and release the unconscious beliefs, that are restricting your growth and fulfilment.  

So you can start moving beyond self-doubt or self-sabotage, fears and frustrations, challenging relationships, thought-patterns and behaviours, and emerge into your true value and wholeness, anchored in self-trust and belief, as you fulfil your true potential.

> This course includes: video guidance, information PDFs, self-inquiry steps and worksheet, a guided meditation and energy process, and a release ritual, to help integrate your work.

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YOU WILL HAVE FREE ACCESS TO A LIVE GROUP MENTORING CALL + Q&A ON Friday 26th April, 2024, if you purchase this course before then. 

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Know Thyself: Reclaim your Inner Oracle

~ Guided journey
~ Energy Activation
~ Teaching transmission

GUIDED: Second Spiral

~ Bespoke mentorship & guidance
~ Learning, growth and development
~ Practice, implementation, accountability
~ Community support and encouragement
~ Self-trust, empowerment, embodiment

★ Trust your Knowing
★ Own your magic
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Start date: Monday 20th May

Ends: Friday 26th July

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