Inner Critic: move from Self-Doubt to Self-Worth

Welcome to this self-study course, on disarming your inner critic.

It will support and guide your process of inner exploration and transformation, of the inner critic or 'superego'. 

This is a core personality structure, or inner aspect, that needs to be engaged with, in any process of healing, therapy, personal development, inner work or spiritual growth.

You can move through the process yourself, and at your own pace, working through one core judgment / belief at a time.

Or you may also choose to use these resources to enhance work you are doing in a different context, or with the support of a therapist or healer. 

The inner critic is an aspect that often gets in the way of progress, or even starting a process of healing or growth, and it can cause terrible self-sabotage. Being open to explore and delve into it takes great courage, and is a wonderful start.

Know that you are dealing with old, unconsious inner dynamics, that were deeply embedded when you were in your most impressionable, formative years.

This work therefore has its own, organic timeline, for each of us.

Healing and evolution can also happen at a different pace, at different levels of your self: emotionally, psychologically, physically, energetically or spiritually.

When you have watched the video, gone through the resource pdfs, and worked through the inquiry and exploration process; 

AND you have taken some time to digest and explore the themes - over a few days, weeks, or months, depending on where you're at in your process - it's time to do some focused healing and release work.

This is the part where you get to play around with the magic and alchemy of rituals!

    Wishing you much healing and joy, as you rediscover your true nature, beneath these old layers of protection, and start to embody your unique, true, essential self in this lifetime.



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