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Welcome to our Free Resources Hub, where you will find meditations, information and guidance materials, to support your path of healing and growth, as you embody more of your true self.

Keep an eye on the portal every month, for any new resources we upload. 

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List of Core Needs and Motivations

Identifying our fundamental human needs, at different levels of development. These motivate your life choices, consciously and unconsciously.

Start exploring which primary 'category' of needs has been the biggest driver in your life choices, at different times.  

Coming back to centre - Guided Meditation 7 mins

A short, nourishing reset meditation, to help you ground and come home to yourself. 

Take 7 minutes out of your day to reconnect with your heart and body, and tune into your deeper needs and desires.

Embracing the Power of your Emotions: Resource & Worksheet

☀  A 3-page Resource pdf, with information on developing your emotional capacity

☀  A 4-page Journalling worksheet, with prompts for self-inquiry and reflection, to support you in understanding and integrating your emotions.

3-minute Guided Meditations

Here you will find short meditations, to weave some moments of presence and self-connection throughout your day.

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