GUIDED: Second Spiral

Dear Mystic Soul and Deep Seeker,

Does this sound like you:

~ You're done with undermining your own knowing, or hiding your magic

~ You long to bring all parts of yourself together in harmony and wholeness

~ You feel the pull to get serious about your abilities, and let them enhance your life, not keep them under wraps or under-used

~ You want to be met in your myriad questions and doubts, and held in your becoming, as you're witnessed and encouraged by others just like you...

You are welcome to join this intimate group of magical women, for our next 10-week cycle:

GUIDED is the mentorship and practice group with a mission to support you in owning your inner Oracle and restoring her dignity, and reclaiming your place in the world, as you honour your true nature.

❈  A supportive sanctuary for your learning and practice, as you develop your abilities  

❈  A warm and intimate group space, letting you feel safe to explore AND inspired to expand. Weaving support, sovereignty and serious play.

❈  A source of accountability and encouragement, as you practise implementing your own guidance, and integrate it into your life and work in the way that feels most aligned for you.

GUIDED was created as a natural progression from my 1-1 work. I saw a need for this to deepen and expand in a group context, where potent shifts and integration are supported.

The beautiful witnessing and encouragement that have happened in this container to date are a joy to behold, as the women bring more their true Oracle nature into expression, and shape their lives to support this.

This group is an expression of my Soul calling, and my service to your highest and most fulfilling evolution.

I have navigated the dance between rational and mystical for much of my life, and understand what it takes to integrate and embody these dualities. I know the particular challenges faced on the path to owning the Oracle within, and how to overcome the doubt, the scepticism, the resistance.

I am here to help you alchemise these into deep self-knowing and trust, so you may reclaim your place of belonging, as your whole, unique, multidimensional self. I believe that it's time for Oracles to recognise themselves as such, and allow their gifts to bless their lives and work, so that we can be nourished in return. And to do this in a way that feels supportive and empowering, and completely aligned with your true nature.

★ Trust your Knowing   ★ Own your magic   ★ Claim your place


~ Tailored mentorship & guidance
~ Learning, growth and development
~ Practice, implementation, accountability
~ Community support and encouragement
~ Self-trust, empowerment, embodiment


✩ Fornightly live Zoom group (75-90 mins)
✩ 3 x days / week support via group chat
✩ Weekly theme / practice focus (via pdf or voice notes)
✩ Runs over 10 weeks; 6 live group sessions


✧ GUIDED Group Mentorship: €840 total
Option to pay in three monthly installments of €280

✧ GUIDED STAR Package available: combine the group with three private 1:1 sessions, at a special rate: €1,320
(Option to pay in three monthly installments of €440)

* Start date: Mon 20th May
Live group meetings fortnightly on Friday afternoons, 4pm Dublin/UK time.

First group call: Fri 31st May

> You can BOOK A CALL with me if you'd like to discuss whether it's a good fit before joining.

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 840.00 EUR
 GUIDED Group (3 payments)
 280.00 EUR  ( then 280.00 EUR for 2 months )
 GUIDED STAR Group + private sessions
 1,320.00 EUR
 GUIDED STAR Group + private sessions (3 payments)
 440.00 EUR  ( then 440.00 EUR a month )

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Please read carefully this Agreement, and Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy linked below.


The service to be provided by Delphine O'Keeffe t/a Embody My Truth ('The Company') is group mentoring, delivered via video-conferencing (Zoom), and group chat. Dates, platform and logistics to be confirmed with group. The programme will run over ten weeks, and will include six live group sessions.


All information about the mentor/client relationship, and all personal information about me communicated to Delphine, will remain strictly confidential, except where specifically required by law.

If Delphine decides to share results from the Program, all results shall remain anonymous unless she asks me as Client for permission to share results attached to my name.

Due to the group nature of the service, I understand that I will have access to confidential information shared by other group participants. I understand my obligation to keep such information private, including an agreement not to share the information with anyone, as well as not to copy, use, or otherwise compromise another participant’s information, ideas, intellectual property or business of another.

I consent to video recordings of group calls being stored and made available to all group participants, within the MemberVault group portal space. 

With the use of technology, it is important to note that there is a risk to confidentiality in using certain media such as the internet, phones and mobile phones. I recognise these risks, and take responsibility for using a secure WiFi or internet connection. The Company will endeavour to mitigate any risks arising from the use of technology, and undertake to use best endeavours to keep confidential all material relating to the Client, but is not liable for any disclosure of material relating to the Client arising from hacking, viruses or the actions of third parties.

Limitation of Liability

I recognise that this mentoring process is intended to support and enhance my personal development, and that it does not replace medical or mental health supports. 

I take full responsibility for accessing any additional supports that may be necessary at any point, including medical or mental health supports, such as counselling / psychotherapy, or other psychological, emotional or physical care, should anything arise requiring professional assistance.

I recognise that this mentoring process is for guidance purposes only, and it is my responsibility to take whatever actions are necessary, to achieve any desired results.

I agree that The Company is not and will not be liable for any actions or inaction taken by me as a result of or in connection with, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by her (including, but not limited to financial, personal and employment matters). In no event will Delphine O’Keeffe / Embody My Truth be liable to me for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages or losses of any kind in connection with this agreement.

All our dealings in every matter are subject to the laws of Ireland, and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.


I as client understand that I am responsible for the full payment, and agree to pay the sum requested electronically. I agree to allow The Complany to charge the method of payment on file for the total cost of this service. If a payment is received 10 days past the due date, a 10 Euro fee will be applied per day until the total payment has been satisfied.

Refund Policy:

I as Client am responsible for the full payment of the service, regardless of whether the I complete or participate fully in the Program. The Company is not obliged to offer refunds once I have purchased the service. I understand that changing my mind about the service, failing to follow through or understand the details of the service, not experiencing the results expected or desired, or experiencing any other similar situations does not entitle me to a refund. 

Dispute Resolution:

Should a dispute arise between Delphine O'Keeffe and myself, both parties agree to attempt to resolve by good-faith negotiations and discussions. (I agree that failure to see results is not a basis for a “dispute” and I do not hold The Company responsible for any specific results, or those results which have been achieved by 
other clients of The Company.)

Intellectual Property:

I agree and understand that The Company maintains all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in all original or derivative content associated with or included or shared in the mentoring programme. I will be granted a revocable, non-exclusive license to use specified materials in the course of my own personal development, but understand nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a transfer of ownership of any Intellectual Property from The Company to me as Client, nor grant any license to share or sell the information, beyond personal use. I understand that I am not to copy, repost, publish, sell, assist others in selling, distribute, or in any way exploit any of the content or intellectual property provided by The Company or obtained through working with Delphine O'Keeffe, without Delphine's express written consent.

I confirm that I have read in full and agree to the above Agreement.

I confirm that I have also read in full and agree to:

~ The online product Terms of Service

~ The Privacy Policy regarding Data and Communication

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